8F347179-206D-4489-BF6A-F00B13BC11A3Welcome to a new chapter in my life.  After the closing of my (and my wonderful partner Chris’s) beloved emporium, Chameleon, in 2014 and three intensive years of caring for my mother and her dementia, I find my self embarking on a new stage in my life.  Still with the responsibilities of home, 3 children (ages 25, 19, and 11) and a small bookkeeping business, I need to stay flexible and productive!!  Through hours of volunteering to help the gifted art teacher (Erin) at the River Valley Charter School here in Newburyport I realized that I love to share my love of making stuff with anyone who wants to join in.  So here we go…

My website and blog page are currently under development.  I appreciate your patience while I add social media to my skill set.


  1. I’m so happy for you & your new journey!!!! Always the nicest, most creative force in our dear Port City! Count me in!!! XO

  2. This a gift to our community so many people have been waiting for you to share your creative talents again! Hooray!

  3. This is fabulous!!! Such happy news. I was just talking with Heather at PEG and she told me about your new venture. I think it’s just the ticket!! Brava and a hug!

    1. Thanks Cameron! I hope all is well in your creative world. Hopefully our paths will cross soon!

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