This will be where the nitty gritty details of the website and blog will be laid out in a very comprehensive and organized manner, BUT until then, here are the basics…

This site is the result of my creative thoughts, products, ideas and inspirations.  If ever I use an idea that originated with someone else, I will make a reference to the source and provide a link if I am able.  In turn, I retain the creative ownership of my original content (e.g. artwork, craft products, photographs, writing, etc…).  I would love for you to be inspired by and share what I make and write as long as you agree to make reference to and include a link back to my website.  All of my original work is copyrighted by myself, Lucinda J. Cathcart.  Use the patterns that I make available for free, freely for personal use or gifting, but not for retail purposes.

Thank you for respecting and supporting this small creative endeavor!

Happy Crafting!!!