Day #1 At Home Journal Project 2020

So let’s do this!!! I thought about posting samples along with the prompts, but I think I’ll just do them as the week goes on – along with everyone else. If you want to share what you do, you can do so on Instagram or Facebook using #tinystudiocraftsjournalproject. Remember that this project is to help give you some creative support as we all stay at home to stop the spread of COVID 19. You should feel free to create free from any judgement or criticism; simply enjoy your process!!

If anyone is wondering why we are starting with the very thing that is keeping us all apart – it is because one of the biggest lessons that I have learned over the past 2 years of working with young people is that they aren’t afraid to talk about the tough stuff. In fact, they want to deal with the important stuff. That is why this is our jumping off point. When we talk about things and apply our creativity to expressing our ideas and thoughts, I am sure that we are stronger. I promise our prompts will vary in tenor; some silly, some adventurous, some thought provoking…Hope you enjoy the ride!!

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