At Home Journal Project 2020

For the next couple of weeks (or however long we are home for during the reign of COVID-19), I will be posting a daily journal prompt. You don’t need to be a visual artist to take part in this project. Each day’s prompt will include a few ideas for the direction that you can take with it. There will be “visual” ideas as well as “written” ones. Whether you use lines and curves or words to express yourself, you can get involved.

Hi everyone!! It seems as if we’ve got some time that we hadn’t planned on. Yet somehow, it doesn’t quite seem like a vacation; everyone is confused, concerned, perplexed, worried, etc…basically STRESSED!! It seems to me like a perfect time for creative projects and journaling to keep ourselves balanced (or just distracted and sane). If you’ve already got a journal then you’re all set – if not – find something to use as a journal. You can use an empty notebook; some blank paper that you bind together with tape, staples, or string; or repurpose an old book.

We will start the project on Monday, March 16th (marking the first day that our local kids will be staying at home), but you can jump in any day. I will try to post a prompt Monday – Friday before 9a each morning. Please share this project with anyone you know who might liked to join us. Spread the fun while we do our best to stop the spread of the virus. You can follow the project on Instagram @tinystudiocrafts or on my Facebook page.

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