Procrastination vs. Creative Process


Mmmm…does this look like procrastination to you?  No word of a lie – everywhere you turn in my studio it looks like a cyclone hit it…maybe it was a micro-burst!!  My intention was to spend the day cleaning and so far there are no indications that that has happened.  I did start, but then I became blissfully occupied in finishing up the macrame plant hanger that I had whipped up months ago as a demo for some students.  I made a hanger for the top, I added a few beads to embellish the top cords, I took out the fake succulent from the cute little Michael’s pot, I fed a much neglected air plant and “potted” it in the cute little pot, and voila…one little corner of my piles of creativity is brought to life.  I can’t say that I am unhappy, but neither can I say that the mess isn’t driving me batty.  Luckily the day isn’t over.  Oh, also, I had a fabulous conversation (thanks to the marvel of speaker phone) with both of my sons (one of them was in the room with me and his brother is at college), which was spurred on by an incredible artist from Leeds, England.  He is a textile artist (be still my heart) that has created a magical world of nattily dressed woodland flora and fauna.  It went from his creative world to a few other artists.  Check out his work at

Somehow, I don’t think I would change a minute of my cleaning day!!!

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