No Expectations

It’s here!  It’s day one of an open invitation collective project called #the100dayproject and I’m so excited!!!  I woke up feeling like it was Christmas morning for creating.  Then reality set in…my mind started to get involved (ugh!!): first thought – I don’t have a “theme” for my project yet; second thought – when am I going to fit it into the day (work first or create first?!); next thought – what medium should I use; will I embarrass myself; how do I encourage Robert without “pushing” him (stupid, considering that I don’t think he has ever lived a day of his 11 years without making or creating something); and on and on and on went the thoughts.  Then eureka!  I thought I had the perfect idea, I’ll work on the house for most of the day, then do a couple of hours of bookkeeping for taxes, and THEN, I’ll pick up Robert from school, take him to karate, he and I will get him some food (because of course he’ll be starving at this point) and then we’ll go to our new studio downtown.  It’s a mess, but the whole scenario seemed blissful to me.  It would be seamless and joyful.  How can I even think I have that much control of my life?!  You must admit I painted a pretty picture…I even thought I’d call my #the100dayproject, #first100daysatthestudio!!!  After I dropped Robert off at school and was heading home to paint (baseboard, trim and walls), I actually had a moment of wisdom or sanity.  I realized somewhere down deep that so much of my perfect plan could go wrong and that’s when it hit me…#100daysnoexpectations and or #100daysjustcreate.  I’m keeping it simple.  I’ll make or create what I can, when I can and try to revel in the connection to a bigger circle of creators that the wonderful project offers.

The #100dayproject is facilitated by Elle Luna at @elleluna and Lindsay Jean Thomson @lindsayjeanthomson and it’s all on Instagram.  I found out about the project by following a wonderful English designer and maker named Clare Youngs.  Her work is an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful that it has led me to this adventure.

Good thing I decided to follow the wisdom of the turtle and go with the flow of the water that is my typical day.  I got an early call from Robert from school asking in a very small voice if I could pick him up.  It was obvious that he wasn’t feeling well and I knew the first part of my great plan that wouldn’t happen was karate.  In an attempt to provide a little comfort, we changed our activity to a cup of tea and then came dinner that had to be made and so on and so on.  No trip to the new studio, which means no access to all the supplies that are now in residence down there which leads me to the photo above.  I like to refer to all the stuff that doesn’t make it neatly into the well packed boxes – the flotsam and jetsum … that’s what I have to work with tonight.  It’s kind of fun, instead of trying to figure out what medium to use and what to draw or weave or stitch…for tonight this is what I have to create with.  It’s looking like a mini mobile to me!!  We’ll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, Robert is working on his first creation for the project…he’s doing a person a day.  Not that I really understand how hashtags work, but I think his unique tag for this project will be #100dayanime and also he’ll tag his work with #the100dayproject.  I’ll use #100daysnoexpectations, #100daysjustcreate, #100daysjustmake, and #the100dayproject.  It’s all on instagram.  My user name on Instagram is TinyStudioCrafts and Robert is robertcathcart009.  This project is open to all and it isn’t a pass/fail experience, so jump in if you feel at all inspired!!!  The more the merrier!!

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