Gratitude…for all who teach our kids! Up at 5:30 this morning (happily) to start preparing for today’s fiber “spelective” at RVCS. Really, it’s my favorite day of the week and my favorite job! I have a great bunch of kids and their enthusiasm is all I need to want to do better each week. Last week, I must admit, I thought I would “wing” it. I had taught the basics of macrame to most of them the previous week and I thought we could just go with the flow. Bad idea!!! Three of them wanted to do one project, one wanted to do another and 2 wanted to do yet another. Of course, I wanted to make it all happen for all of them. One woman (myself, in this case), though, however skilled and willing, cannot split herself for instruction between 6 kids and keep everyone productive and occupied. I’m sure you get the picture, things got a little chaotic! Do I sound like I am whining? I don’t mean to. I feel super lucky to be in this position, but it got me thinking. What about the people that do this 6-7+ hours a day for 20-30 kids. We should think of them as superheroes! It is truly an art to prepare and give inspirational (or just informational) lessons all day, every day. I say BRAVO and thank you!

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