New Challenges

Sailor’s knot (sometimes called the lover’s knot)

My mantra these days is “Don’t just talk about it, do it!”.  So…here we are.  I woke up yesterday morning and said to myself that today is the day to actually produce something for the DIY part of Tiny Studio Crafts.  I love sharing the creative process with others.  So up I got, full of great ideas, and then came the challenges; one after another.  Even writing this blog is partially my way of avoiding one of the largest challenges standing between me and my first entry on the DIY pages!  First challenge: what to do??  What could I make that anyone would possibly be interested in?  What could I make that would be unique?  On and on…this was obviously a great activity for the negative voices in my head.  I finally thought, AHA!!!  It’s almost Valentine’s Day…I’ll do all things hearts to start with.  When Chris (my friend, business partner, and constant source of artistic inspiration) and I used to do buying for our store, we would always look for great hearts!!!  It can be an overdone symbol of love, but that always increased our excitement when we found something unique and different in the vast field of hearts!!!  So, let the hearts begin.  After deciding macrame would be my craft of choice for the first creation, then came the second challenge…designing my own piece without using a pattern or somebody else’s visual.  About 36 hours later and a lot of untied and retied knots in between, I have come up with a small hanging heart that makes me smile.  Also, one that I hope one of my children will love to get on Valentine’s Day!  Okay last challenge will be the next step; take all the photos that I took along the way and put them on the site in a user friendly way.  Wish me luck as I wish you luck with all the challenges in your lives!

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