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At Home Journal Project 2020

For the next couple of weeks (or however long we are home for during the reign of COVID-19), I will be posting a daily journal prompt. You don’t need to be a visual artist to take part in this project. Each day’s prompt will include a few ideas for the direction that you can take […]

Day #2 At Home Journal Project 2020

Day #2. How’s everyone doing? I don’t know about you, but I love artist’s maps and fun travel blogs!! I am thinking about doing a map of our hometown – Newburyport, MA…

Day #1 At Home Journal Project 2020

So let’s do this!!! I thought about posting samples along with the prompts, but I think I’ll just do them as the week goes on – along with everyone else. If you want to share what you do, you can do so on Instagram or Facebook using #tinystudiocraftsjournalproject. Remember that this project is to help […]

Procrastination vs. Creative Process

  Mmmm…does this look like procrastination to you?  No word of a lie – everywhere you turn in my studio it looks like a cyclone hit it…maybe it was a micro-burst!!  My intention was to spend the day cleaning and so far there are no indications that that has happened.  I did start, but then […]

No Expectations

It’s here!  It’s day one of an open invitation collective project called #the100dayproject and I’m so excited!!!  I woke up feeling like it was Christmas morning for creating.  Then reality set in…my mind started to get involved (ugh!!): first thought – I don’t have a “theme” for my project yet; second thought – when am […]